Renata Martinez

How people look for help to get to the Itaú website

01 Case

Itaú Unibanco is the largest private bank in Brazil and one of the largest companies in the world, operating in 21 countries. The objective of Itaú is to help people and businesses to have a healthy relationship with money and support them to make good financial decisions.

The bank is increasingly incorporating the digital in its way of relating to customers and wanted to understand how they could serve the customer via their website

02 Challenge

The challenge was to provide a better experience for the account holder / non-account holder seeking help through the Itaú website.

03 My role

I joined this project in it’s early stages to lead the project, create the research plan and the prototypes for the website.

In this project I worked with 1 Visual designer and 1 anthropologist to help me with the group sessions and to design the graphic materials.

04 Approach

We took a step back to understand how the bank serves customers today, and how these customers expect to be served, their needs and motivations when they are looking for help or assistance.

Project's main phases:
1 Research / 2 Synthesis and ideation / 3 Prototype / 4 Concept refinement

1 Research

To understand the different context when people look for help (in case of doubt, information, problem, suggestion or complaint) we did 2 group sessions, each group has a different profile.

I created the screening script to recruit people, and the activity to run with both groups.

First we mapped together with people the scenarios and bank channels they use to ask for help, and how they felt during the process.

Then, we invite the groups to co-create the ideal help tool in order to address their needs.

2 Synthesis and ideation

After synthesis, we come up with 2 different frameworks:

  1. Channels X Human aspect

  2. Which channels people in each group prefer to use

It was also possible to come up with the ideal User Journey based on the insights from the research

3 Prototype

I used all the inputs from the group sessions to create high fidelity prototype of the Help area in the Itau Webpage.

4 Concept refinement

As we put our effort and time in the initial research, the validation of the concept was done in a reduced time. We made minor adjustments during the tests, and we came up to a final and satisfactory version for our customers.

*Note — The mockups contain placeholder data and the number of screens is not exhaustive