Renata Martinez

Improve the Agent's efficiency in their day-to-day

01 Case

Avante is a social impact company focused on the Brazilian Microentrepreneur market. The purpose is facilitate the micro-entrepreneurs access to the financial service and contribute to the growth of their business.

The company would like to understand how to improve the agent's efficiency. Our Agents visit each of our client's businesses to get to know their stories and financial difficulties, in order to present the best solutions and products with the sole objective of attending their needs.

02 Challenge

Understand the agent’s main pains and difficulties during his day/routine in order to improve their efficiency

03 My role

I led this project and I have the collaboration of 1 visual designer. Some of my responsibilities: Research planning, recruiting of employees, preparation of activities, conducting contextual interviews, co-creation sessions, analysis and documentation.

04 Approach

Qualitative research with agents and their leaders in order to understand agent's motivation, role, routine, how they prioritize task:

  • Shadowing: 2 days with agents, 100km covered

  • Co-creation with 60 agents: draw the ideal app to improve their efficiency

Co Creation with 60 agents

05 Solution

The main working tool of our agents is an iOs application. They use this tool all day, from prospecting to closing contracts with clients. Based on the field research, along with the technology team, we created an algorithm and UI to assist the agents to plan a more productive day in their app.

Algorithm to create the agenda

Agenda UI

*Note — The mockups contain placeholder data and the number of screens is not exhaustive