Renata Martinez

Opportunities for a 'hardwareless' application to accept credit cards

01 Case

Avante is a social impact firm focused on the Brazilian Microentrepreneur market. The purpose is facilitate the micro-entrepreneurs access to the financial service and contribute to the growth of their business.

The company would like to understand the client’s main pains and motivations to acquire Avante´s payment solution. Avante´s solution is an application available for Android that transforms the client's smartphone in a card processing device (no hardware is required).

02 Challenge

Understand who are the clients, identify opportunities for the product and usability improvements in the UI

03 My role

I led this project and and I have the collaboration of 1 UX designer. Some of my responsibilities: Research planning, recruiting, preparation of activities, conducting contextual interviews, analysis and documentation.

04 Approach

In-depth interview with 22 clients (extreme users) in 5 districts in Pernambuco (metropolitan area and country side). We also did an informal usability test to validate some new ideas.

05 Solution

Understanding the pains of the customer we brought lots of insights about product offer, marketing and usability. Based on the study, the business team created the strategic plan, and the design team worked on relevant UI improvements. In order to support the Design, Marketing and Business' team, we created a framework to document all the opportunities.