Renata Martinez

Study about Brazilian microentrepreneur to support business strategy

01 Case

Avante is a social impact firm focused on the Brazilian Microentrepreneur market. The purpose is facilitate the micro-entrepreneurs access to the financial service and contribute to the growth of their business.

The company was expanding the business and wants to understand in depth the customer relationship with banks and technology in order to offer better products and services to them.

02 Challenge

Find out what are the needs of our customers: what we don't address today, what we do well, and what is missing to serve the customer in a positive way

03 My role

I co-led this project. I participated in all stages: Research planning, recruiting, preparation of activities, conducting contextual interviews, analysis and documentation.

04 Approach

Qualitative research: Ethnographic approach and In-depth interviews in 2 different states: Ceará and Maranhão.

In almost 4 weeks of immersion, we met 18 Avante´s clients, represented in the following variables: age, sex, location, type of business, level of knowledge in technology and some others variables.

Of the 18 clients analyzed, we chose 9 profiles from people who lived in a condition of subsistence to people who generated wealth to deepen the study using ethnographic approach. We observed end worked with these clients in their context, learned from them about their ecosystem (how the business works), values, needs, pains and the relationship with banks and technology.

05 Solution

With the study it was possible to understand our clients and segment them according to their needs and pains. It was also possible to understand drivers/motivations when they select a product. Based on the insights it was possible to identify opportunities to better serve our customers, either by improving the existing product or by creating new products and services. We deliver a framework to explain the entrepreneur's life cycle and also personas to detail they behavior, routine and ecosystem. All the knowledge was shared with the whole company.